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Advanced Technologies, a local 14 year Bakersfield Software Development Company, announces the opening of their new Internet Service, "AT Secure Net". Now you can start enjoying unlimited Internet access without exposing your family to the pitfalls of an untamed territory. We provide to our clients a safe Internet access rich with resources, without the fear of the obscene, violent, or hateful material invading homes or causing businesses to experience low productivity from wasted time on-line. We give you the choice to filter out pornography, violence, cults, and other forms of objectionable material. By using our server side filtering technology, virtually tamper proof! We're out to create a rich, resourceful access that is also safe and wholesome. The best part is that we are local and still able to stay competitively priced. The only other ISP's around offering filtering are not local.

Like the real world, the on-line world is full of good and evil. To avoid cyberspace because of such problems would be like avoiding bookstores because some books carry sexually explicit material. It is precisely for this reason that we should be on the Internet to see that this powerful, growing technology evolves into something that enhances the American lifestyle. By being active on the Internet while it is still in the developmental stage, we can influence how such concerns will be resolved.

AT Secure Net's differentiation: Why use ATSN over other ISP's?

We give you a higher quality, safer access. Others don't.

We have new, state of the art equipment and software . . . the best and most reliable in all Internet Technologies.

We have an experienced technical team of Windows Developers, Web Designers, System Analysts, Integration Consultants, etc. They are ready to help you set up whatever level of on-line presence you would like, from a person desiring safe access in your home to a Corporation needing a powerful Web Page and a Virtual Private Network.

The Internet is an exciting new frontier that is proving to be the on-ramp to the future. AT Secure Net wants to be your on-ramp to a secure future. The benefits out-weigh the risks by using smart access through AT Secure Net.

AT Secure Net is a new entry into the ISP service but with a long experience in the computer industry. Advanced Technologies (the AT in AT Secure Net) has been producing Statistical Reporting software for the last 12 years. 

You can contact AT Secure Net by calling us at 872-1100