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Filtered Internet Access

Its your choice.   Would you like to have Parental Control over your child's Internet access? 

We believe there is a large segment of the public that has avoided the Internet entirely, and many more that are rightly concerned about using the Internet, because of the ease with which objectionable content is encountered by themselves, their family members, or employees. AT Secure Net provides a safe and dependable connection to finding and enjoying the positive resources on the Internet.  People who share in this concern can exercise their freedom to choose more appropriate access by getting on line with AT Secure Net - an Internet Service Provider designed to offer fast, reliable access to the Internet, with a higher level of security. We help insure User safety and security by:

a) Providing powerful filtering capabilities
b) Using only state-of-the-art software, hardware, block lists, and services that are committed to solving issues of security and privacy, (ex 1: Email Server's that encrypt files for safer transfers, ex 2: buying Y2k compliant tools to help protect from millennium bug).
c) Educating our Users on 'How to Surf Safe".
d) Offering various security options depending on specific requirements. (VPN's, firewalls, etc.)

We support an Internet that provides a vast amount of information and communication that is beneficial to society. However, sites that contain pornography, hate speech, violence, and other destructive content clearly present a major problem. While we believe in freedom of speech, we firmly believe that parents have the right to assure that their homes be protected from exposure to subjects that may cause them harm. Business Owners have the right to keep their employees focused on work related Internet business. AT Secure Net users are making an educated and informed choice to restrict such materials from being displayed on their computers.

AT Secure Net is dedicated to making the Internet a useful and practical communication tool, and is available to all people, ages, and faiths. As a Christian owned business, we provide additional Internet resources to the Christian Community. AT Secure Net provides a safe and dependable connection for its users, their families, and business to use the Internet and its' rich resources with confidence and peace of mind.

AT Secure Net uses state of the art "Server-Side" filtering technology. The worlds filtering technology is still in it's infancy, making it impossible for any filtering to be completely bullet proof. However, much like an automobile's seatbelt reduces chance of injury, filtering reduces the chance of online hazards.

By using AT Secure Net's filtering instead of an over the counter brand, we help eliminate the need to constantly manage the Internet content available on your computers. No more concern about your computer "whiz kids" bypassing or disabling software that resides on your computer. AT Secure Net can not be disabled or circumvented.

You can contact AT Secure Net by calling us at 872-1100