Changing your Phone dial up settings

This is for Bakersfield only. Other locations are not affected.

 ATsecure will be switching to a new phone number for your computer dial up access to the Internet in Bakersfield only. If you dial up from Bakersfield, please do this right away to avoid service interruption. There are 3 steps to make this work.

1) Use the new number. The new number (for Bakersfield) is: 843-0155. Please start using that number as soon as possible. (Again, other cities are not affected)
2) When you login, your user name must have '@atsn1' after it (without the quotes). For example, for me it would be rjohnson@atsn1  This is entered when it starts to dialup and asks for your login name.
3) Once you connect. Click this link for info on updating your Outlook express email to work with the new settings: LINK.

That's it. If you have problems with this please call 872-1100. M-F 8am-5pm.

If you would rather skip all this and upgrade to our DSL product please call. DSL starts at 24.95 per month.